Un saluto dalle chiese ARBCA

Nel corso dell’ultima assemblea annuale 2010, l’associazione di chiese battiste riformate in America (ARBCA) ha inviato un messaggio di saluto alle chiese CERBI. Il messaggio testimonia i legami di fraternità esistenti tra associazioni sorelle e la volontà di svilupparli ulteriormente in preghiera e progetti comuni. Il sito delle chiese ARBCA è:
Ecco il testo del messaggio ricevuto:
To our Reformed Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ in Italy,
Greetings in our Savior's great name!  At our General Assembly in April, the
messengers from the churches voted to send to you our fraternal greetings in
our common Lord, Jesus Christ. He is a great King, mighty to save. His
service is perfect freedom, and his people are the glorious ones in whom is
all our delight. So it is with joy that we think of you and remember you
before the throne that rules the universe. May His kingdom come more and
more to your hearts, to your churches and to your land until He comes and
restores all things.
In the bonds of Christ,

Jon Hueni, Secretary for the General Assembly of the Association of Reformed
Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA)